Buck Spaceman Trailer

This is a machinima video made this year with an animator/modeler in my class. It’s based off of a game concept we created and we made the video because we decided to go in a different direction for our final project (Sketch Quest). Overall we made the right decision in both ends, as the video was great to showcase his animating and modeling (the full model is amazing, unfortunately we had to pull back the quality for sake of time) as well as my editing and my work in Unreal Matinee.

Also, we in no way own the rights to “Rocket Man” by Elton John, it just seemed fitting. Hopefully youtube doesn’t take it down.

The game was going to be called Buck Spaceman and features a wide cast of characters, from an idiotic space hero with an identity crisis to a villainous cat with hoarding issues.

Buck, an ex-action movie hero, has been traveling the galaxy attempting to relive his movie characters (who are actually alter-egos) and save the civilians of the galaxy. However, Snuggles is a villainous feline with a galactic corporation who spends his time constantly acquiring new assets for his vast collection, by spraying them with his own urine. Unfortunately for Buck, he crash lands on a newly Snuggles-owned planet and must fight to save the planet from Mr. Snuggles and his infamous spray bottle. Journey with Buck and his alter-egos to stop Snuggles from taking control of the galaxy with a variety of strange weapons and vehicles and destroy his metallic cat-army.

2 thoughts on “Buck Spaceman Trailer

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