Clone – UDK

The final level design project at our school (at the time) was to create anything of your choice (seriously, anything) in the Unreal Editor, whether it’s a deathmatch or a single-player level, or tetris. No, I didn’t make tetris. I made a single-player level that put the player in the shoes of a clone waking up in a cell, and having to break out and take revenge on his creator.

The clone finds multiple clone tanks after escaping the cell and destroys a few, finally escaping the facility.

Finally, after escaping the building, the player is opened up to an exterior environment and continues on a path ahead of him to get revenge, destroying quite a few things on the way.

After finding the last factory, the player enters to find the person running the factories and destroys him in a final quicktime event.

2 thoughts on “Clone – UDK

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